A writing wingman that writes content for creators like creators.

Powered by AI, blubi analyzes how/what you write on social media and suggests topics with ready-to-post content.

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Writing content > Writing prompts

Let's be real for a moment - creators are putting more energy crafting prompts on ChatGPT when they should actually invest in crafting their writings and content.Imagine Vincent Van Gogh spent more time polishing his brushes and less time painting. We would have never experienced The Starry Night 👀We believe content creators should create what stays for a lifetime and understand how their content performs. That's why we created Blubi!

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What platforms do you support?

For starters, the MVP supports Twitter. But LinkedIn, Medium and other social platforms are next in line.

How can I be part of the beta?

Join the waitlist and be the first one to know when we launch MVP.

Never face writer's block!

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Our MVP is in the works, once it is up and running, you will be the first to know! We promise.In the meantime, tweet about Blubi to get priority access.Thank you for spreading the word 🙏🏽

©2023. All Rights Reserved.

Made by Sharath

Your Content iCloud ☁️

Your Content DJ 🎧

Do images/videos store as part of my backup?

As of now, we are focusing on text-based content. Eventually yes, we will support images, videos part of your back-up.

How it works

shit happens. many times ideas don't work 💔so we are pivoting and solving a new problem 💡launching soon. stay tuned 🙏🏼

meanwhile, join the waitlist and be the first one to know what we are up to!

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