Transform the way you showcase your content with an AI-powered chatbot.

Say goodbye to static sample content and give your audience a taste of interactive learning before they buy your work.Immerse yourself in a new way of previewing and selling your content.

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The Problem

Creators and authors often struggle with effectively showcasing their content to potential buyers, leading to low engagement and conversions.Traditional sample content can be static and unengaging, leaving audiences with a limited understanding of the value provided.blubi* is an AI-powered chatbot that allows your audiences to directly engage with and explore content in a personalized and immersive way.

*Pronounced as blu-bee. More on this below 👇🏼

The Why

Audience's attention is the most precious thing on the Internet - especially when you are a content creator consistently creating and selling .Creators deserve to maximize their chances to acquire attention and convert them into potential sales.blubi helps you to increase engagement, make the content interactive and showcase value in a immersive way.

The How

➡️ Upload pdf version or share read-only access to notion/google doc with your sample content
➡️ Give a head start to you audience by adding pre-populated faqs or topics to explore
➡️ Design and customize the chatbot according to your brand, Buy Now CTAs
➡️ Embed the chatbot anywhere or publish a dedicated webpage
➡️ Share it on social and let the interactions and conversions begin

The Inspiration

A few months ago Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad built an AI-driven project called Ask My Book, where you can ask a Q about his book The Minimalist Entrepreneur and get an answer in his voice. I absolutely loved the idea.Fast-forward to 2023, I started exploring ideas to build after selling Shoutout and accidentally stumbled on Sahil's Ask My Book email and thought, what if there exists a similar product all creators can use to replace their boring sample content and build interactive AI-driven chatbots to give a better experience to their audience - hence blubi is born.If you are wondering whether blubi is even a word, don't sweat coz it's not 😃 My 18-month-old baby boy Ruhan calls blueberries as blubi, so I named the product after his fav fruit ❤️

Captivate your audience's attention like never before 💪🏼

Made by Sharath

Shoutout to Popsy for the illustrations

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Made by Sharath

Shoutout to Popsy for the illustrations